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Our company RDS Records - Russian Digital Sound Records introduces to the Russian market catalogs of European companies specializing in various musical genres. Our great operational experience helps us to be present in all spheres of musical life: from the vinyl plate to the tune in your mobile phone and МP3 player. Our catalogue is dynamically updated with foreign popular, dance, classical, jazz, ethno and other interesting kinds of music. We provide our listeners with quality songs, played by the main radio stations of the country. We create unique solutions for each client — digital content, special musical projects, collections, advertising, cinema. Join us and we shall be glad to work with you!


To reach the course: the underground station Prazhskaya, the first car from the center, further to the right and upwards on a ladder on Krasnogo Mayaka street . The bus or a fixed-route taxi №225, a bus stop «Sports base». A three-tier building of brown color.

To reach on the car: up to the end Krasnogo Mayaka street  — a final stop of buses. For 50 meters up to a final stop to turn to the right. A three-tier building of brown color.


Phone: +7(495) 315-2310
Fax: +7(495) 315-2310
E-mail: info@rdsrecords.ru

The address: 117570. Russia. Moscow.
Krasnogo Mayaka street, 26.
Office 204, internal phone 124.

How to reach us