Power Francers

The Power Francers, a.k.a Davide Di Martino (better known as Pacchiani), Antonio Pelusio (Goldentrash) and Caterina Di Sciascio (Katerfrancers), were born at the end of the 80's and approached music at a very early age. After an initial phase exclusively in the rap/hip-hop field, the colourful duo moved towards an electro-French touch style, combining all of the influences in a single, high-energy power-rap-electro style that eludes classification.

Having officially become the Power Francers in 2008, in January 2009 they came out with their first release "Megazord", which contains 11 electro-rap tracks. With this first release, they start to receive positive feedbacks and start collaborating with artists from the Italian electro scene such as Pelussje, Belzebass, Lebatman, Broke One and The Snipplers. With the second ep "Ultrazord" (a collection of 26 remixes of the tracks contained in "Megazord"), the Power Francers gather together all the artists from the electro scene whom they have worked with.

Now fully immersed in the power-rap-electro scene, they remix the opening theme for the afternoon programme on Radio Deejay, "Tropical Pizza". This highly acclaimed remix allows them to become regulars at Radio Deejay. Indeed, their remix is played every Friday, at the beginning and at the end of the programme, and they perform live in the studios of the Radio. The following year they compose another theme for Tropical Pizza.

In 2010, along with "100% presi bene" they collaborated on the making of the single "Presi bene", a release containing a video and various remixes available in free download. "Presi bene" was also supported by Dj Aladyn (from Radio Deejay) who put the track in the compilation "Blocco sequenziale volume 8".
In the same year, the duo supply the music for the "Let it snow" video, containing images of the most well known Italian snowboarders.