Radio Killer

In September 2009 a new musical project broke the Romanian charts; with an unconventional name & innovative sound, coupled with lyrics full of depth, RADIO KILLER has quickly became the best debut project of 2009. RADIO KILLER`s first single, "Voila" was a hit single in Romania, the rating measurement system developed by Nielsen Media Research show that "Voila" was the most broadcasted song in Romania in the past 21 weeks, being supported by radio stations and music televisions.
RADIO KILLER is a studio project produced by Smiley and his team from HaHaHaProduction.
In addition to the single "Voila", RADIO KILLER also got the public attention with the campaign "who is Radio Killer". After a lot of rumours regarding Radio Killer`s identity, the members of the group are being unmasked one by one one.